Lessons Learned by a Quail Newbie

Don’t do what we did, learn from us!

Lessons Learned by a Quail Newbie
by Amy Fewell A few years back we decided it would be a fun adventure to add quail to our homestead. And oh, what an adventure it was. They say knowledge is power, and my friends, you have no idea how true that is until you go into something completely uneducated about that particular topic or situation. Needless to say, after the countless time, money, and feed we poured into these little feathered ninjas (oh yes, they were ninja fast) — we reluctantly decided that we weren’t ready for quail on our homestead just yet. Our setup just wasn’t the greatest. We packed them up and sent them to a new farm where they were greatly loved and cared for. Fast forward a few years, and we decided we might be a little more educated to take on that task once again. So, we recently purchased quail from a local

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