Holderread’s Lost Bantam Ducks

How Bantam Aztec Ducks Nearly Vanished Forever

Holderread’s Lost Bantam Ducks
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 3 minutes Story and photos by Craig Bordeleau  Aztec ducks — you may have heard of them, but most have not. I certainly had no idea they existed when the opportunity to raise them fell in my lap by happenstance. I’ve since learned every bit of information available, but there wasn’t much to glean out there. There was enough to put together a general history to share with you all.  These personable little guys have an interesting story. Dave Holderread created this breed in the 1980s in order to make available a Bantam breed of duck smaller than a Mallard and much easier to raise and hatch than Call ducks. He was successful in his attempt, creating his exotic-looking Aztec ducks. The plumage reminded the Holderreads of beautiful Aztec-styled rugs they had seen during their travels.  At the time, there were only three Bantam breeds readily available to the

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