Pecking Away at Climate Change

A Chicken's Struggle for Survival

Pecking Away at Climate Change
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Chickens are a great addition to any home and have always been a staple of homesteads. They provide healthy, consistent protein in the form of meat and eggs, and they’re superb composters, all of this while providing excellent fertilizer for your garden. Besides the economic values, chickens are fun — they can be comical and make interesting pets. But, unfortunately, chickens don’t have a local meteorologist to tell them what the weather is going to be. So, they can’t get ready for any changes. Yet, they need to know and be cared for, because with more frequent and intense climate changes the result may become a critical factor in their health and production levels.    The three climate issues that affect chickens’ welfare are temperature, humidity, and insect availability for foraging, especially for free-range chickens. Even if chickens are cooped up in their private

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