Oh Gnats!

Oh Gnats!
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Gina Stack “Those gnats are back!” I yelled, startling our out of town guests while showing them our chickens on a warm, sunny day at the end of May in southwest Wisconsin.   The chickens were doing the characteristic jerking of their heads and twitching as if someone was poking them all over with sharp needles. The gnats were starting their attack like speedy, tiny dive-bombing missiles. I felt like announcing, “Incoming!” and running for some unseen shelter.  I tried to swallow down my panic, but my face probably looked as if I was going to get hit by a fastball coming in at 100 mph. My mind flew to all the protective tasks that needed to happen to protect my hens, but since it was the day before our son’s wedding, I knew I could do nothing except tell our neighbors tips
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