Tips for Freezing Eggs

Wondering what to do with lots of eggs? How to freeze eggs for later.

Tips for Freezing Eggs

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When you have an abundance, do you need ideas regarding what to do with lots of eggs? Here are some tips for freezing eggs to use when the hens stop laying.

Each spring we get another batch of chicks from our local hatchery. Our grandchildren “adopt” one or two, and even give them names. Whenever they visit, the chicks are the first thing the little ones want to see.  

As the chicks mature into egg layers, it’s fun to see the color of eggs from the different breeds. But here’s the challenge: what to do with lots of eggs? After all, we now have several generations of abundant egg layers! We give fresh eggs to family and friends, and I use eggs as often as possible in our daily meals. Even though fresh eggs last over a month in the refrigerator, still there’s an overflow during egg-laying season.  So I search for how to use a lot of eggs.

So, I have learned to think ahead to the reality of molting season when hens stop laying we’ll be lucky to get just a few eggs.  

That’s where my freezer comes in. Freezing eggs is so simple and budget-friendly. 

Thawed eggs can be used in recipes the same way that they’re fresh from the nest, so no worries there. Think cakes, cookies, quiches, casseroles, custard, and even meringue.  

Here’s how to preserve eggs by freezing and also some tips on freezing doughs that contain eggs. 


Best Eggs for Freezing 

Take into account that frozen eggs last up to one year, so freeze the freshest eggs you can.  

What containers are best? 

I like freezing eggs in ice cube trays and muffin tins. That way, after they’re frozen, I can transfer them to freezer containers. But any suitable container works. If you have limited space, place eggs in freezer bags, seal, and lay flat. Freeze flat, and when frozen, just stack on top of each other. 

Should you measure before freezing? 

That’s up to you, depending upon how you’ll use the eggs. 

Whole Eggs 

First, you cannot safely freeze whole eggs in their shell. Why? The shell expands during the egg freezing process and that means cracked eggs where bacteria can find its way in. 

  • Crack open the eggs and place as many as you like in a bowl. Whisk together gently, just enough to mix.  
  • Pour into ice cube trays or muffin tins. 
  • Place in freezer uncovered until frozen hard. Remove from trays/tins and store in freezer containers. 

Egg yolks 

You have to add a bit of salt or sugar to yolks to prevent them from gelling and thickening in the freezer.  

  • For every half cup of yolks for savory foods, stir in 1/4 teaspoon salt. 
  • For every half cup of yolks for sweet foods, stir in 3/4 teaspoon of sugar. 
  • Freeze in quantities that you will use. I like to use muffin tins as described above, then remove and pack into freezer containers.  


If you like, reduce the amount of salt or sugar used in recipes with thawed yolks.  

Egg Whites 

  • Just pour whites into ice cube trays or muffin tins and freeze as directed above.  


Either overnight in the refrigerator or in a container of warm water. Eggs thaw fast in warm water. Use immediately. 

Converting thawed eggs to fresh eggs in recipes 

The American Egg Board has these recommendations based on a large, 2 oz. egg: 

Whole Eggs 

  • 3 whole eggs = 1/2 cup 
  • 1 whole egg = 3 tablespoons 
  • 1/2 whole egg = 4 teaspoons 


  • 6 to 7 egg yolks = 1/2 cup 
  • 1 egg yolk = 1 tablespoon 


  • 4 to 6 egg whites = 1/2 cup 
  • 1 egg white = 2 tablespoons 

Freezing and using cookie dough made with eggs 

I think it’s best to portion the dough out so that when it’s thawed, you can proceed with the recipe. Cookie doughs freeze up to six months extremely well.  

  • Portion dough out on parchment-lined paper.  
  • Freeze, uncovered, until hard. 
  • Remove from paper and store in freezer containers. For easy removal, store in layers between parchment, waxed paper, or foil. 
  • To bake, place on parchment-lined cookie sheets, thaw, and bake as directed in recipe. Dough may take a bit longer to bake if it’s cold. 

Freezing and using pie dough made with eggs 

  • Roll dough out as thin or as thick as you like.  
  • Roll portions into thick “patties,” which take up less freezer space. Slip into freezer bags and stack. 
  • Thaw and roll out to fit pie pans.   

Tip: Donpitch shells! 

A source of calcium and other minerals, shells can be ground up fine and given as a treat to your chickens.  

Seed starter 

Shells make a great seedling starter. Rinse shell halves, poke a hole for drainage in the bottom, add potting soil and one or two seeds. When seedlings are big enough to plant, just crack the shell open at the bottom and plant, shell and all. Yes, the shell is biodegradable. 

How do you go about freezing eggs? What are your favorite ways to use them?

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