Five Easy Pickled Egg Recipes

Exciting ways to create homemade pickled eggs!

Five Easy Pickled Egg Recipes
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Ann Accetta-Scott The ability to consume fresh egg is truly a treat; consider it to be a reward for raising backyard poultry. As stewards to our flock, we work daily to give them the best living conditions, and in return we receive a priceless gift: truly fresh eggs. Now, what we do with that gift is up to us.   Aside from using fresh eggs as an ingredient for cooking or baking, we, as chicken keepers, need to be creative in the kitchen and think outside of the box. How about trying homemade pickled eggs?   Before you crinkle your nose and decide “no thanks,” understand that these recipes are a world away from what you may recognize as the traditional pickled eggs. The flavors are sophisticated, delicious, and partner perfectly with any salad or eaten straight out of the jar.   Selecting the Perfect Egg  Ideally, chicken and quail eggs

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