Extra eggs? Make These Winter Comfort Foods!

Four holiday and winter favorites, from breads and rolls to do ahead desserts make good use of extra eggs.

Extra eggs? Make These Winter Comfort Foods!
Add to Favorites It’s fun, even after all these years, to go out in the morning to let my “girls” out of the coop and to see who laid what eggs. Some days it’s the Buff Orpingtons who are generous with their eggs, other times the Americaunas make me smile with their pastel-colored eggs. White eggs or brown, pale blue or green, it doesn’t make a whit of difference. All are thankfully gathered to be included in my family’s best recipes, like the ones I’m sharing with you. These four recipes are perfect for holiday entertaining or a simple family gathering. The cloud bread is both low-carb and gluten-free. These little gems can be eaten out of hand and are an unusual bread to offer for brunch. You’ll be happy to have the stir-down roll recipe when guests are coming and time is at a premium. No kneading required! I

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