More Than Just a Holiday Beverage

Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Like fruitcake, there’s no middle ground when it comes to voicing one’s opinion about the taste of eggnog. Some folks relish the creamy concoction with great anticipation during the holidays, while others would rather pour it into the nearest poinsettia plant.    Then there’s the debate about store-bought products vs. Nana’s delicious homemade recipe. If it’s not the real McCoy, many eggnog connoisseurs would rather choose a hot mulled wine, refusing to even consider sipping something from a common container found in the dairy aisle. What about adding alcoholic spirits to the mix? Some are adamant, saying absolutely not, especially if children are present, while others discuss the merits of their favorite libation — everything from brandy to rum.  Start a conversation about eggnog, and see what happens. One could untangle a box of Christmas lights and decorate a six-foot pine tree from top

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