Do Different Chicken Egg Colors Taste Different? – Chickens in a Minute Video

Interesting Eggs Facts That Might Surprise You About Chicken Egg Color

Join Chickens in a Minute as we explore do different chicken egg colors taste different? We’ve all heard people say they think brown eggs taste better than white eggs. We’ve also seen people look at our brown and blue eggs and ask how they taste.

Regardless of these common beliefs, the short answer is no. All chicken eggs are made the same on the inside. Egg tastes only change because of a hen’s diet and the egg’s freshness.

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A more interesting egg fact is how a chicken egg gets colored. Did you know that no matter the chicken breed all chicken eggs start out white? The most popular white egg laying breed is the white leghorn chickenwhich is used in commercial egg laying. That’s why most grocery stores carry white eggs.

Brown egg pigment is added late in the laying process. The brown pigment doesn’t penetrate the shell so the inside of a brown egg is always white.

Opposite is blue egg pigment which is added early in the laying process and penetrates the whole shell.


Green eggs are the most interesting. Hens that lay these eggs come from blue and brown egg layers. The blue gets added early and soaks through; the brown gets applied late. When it mixes with the blue, green is created on the outside of the shell.

For the most part, egg color is determined by chicken breed. Although don’t be too surprised if you find the same breed chickens in your flock laying slightly different egg colors. It just makes for a colorful egg collecting basket!

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Now that you know chicken egg colors don’t taste different, learn more about raising chickens for eggs and the different colored chicken eggs they produce! We are certain you’ll enjoy chickens as pets, whether you raise them for their colorful eggs or their protein-packed, lean meat.

Originally published in 2015 and regularly vetted for accuracy. 

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  1. Eggs of different colors may not taste different but eggs from free-ranged chickens of different breeds do taste different. I believe it’s because of their diet preferences.

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