Delightful Dumplings

Three Dumpling Recipes for Chicken Soup or Stew

Delightful Dumplings
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes How many of you have made homemade drop dumplings from scratch? How about rolled dumplings — have you tried making those?  The good news is that both are easy to make, really. I know they may look complicated but, honestly, they’re fun and simple enough for kids to make, with guidance. There are a few techniques to follow and once you’ve mastered those, you’ve got this. The art of making dumplings!   Dumplings are so good cooked on top of soup or stew, or simply dropped into hot broth. The secret? No peeking while the dumplings cook! It’s the steam in the pot that makes them rise so high.   I’m also including a recipe originating from my German mother-in-law for spaetzle. These “dumplings” are a popular item at German and Hungarian restaurants.   I guarantee you’ll get “oohs” and “aahs” from those lucky enough to enjoy a batch of

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