A Braised Duck Recipe: Perfect for a Gathering

One of the Best Duck Recipes for a Special Meal

A Braised Duck Recipe: Perfect for a Gathering
Add to Favorites If you’re looking for a spectacular dish to serve this holiday season, consider duck. Duck meat is recognized as one of the most richly flavored of the poultry meats, making it perfect for special celebrations. In addition, duck offers head to tail goodness with a large carcass for making rich brown stocks for soups or sauces, rendered fat to add flavor to scrambled eggs or fried potatoes and a delicate liver that can be turned into velvety smooth pâté. Serving up of a braised duck recipe instead of a roasted or sauteed recipes yields a do-ahead dish with the added advantage of tender succulent meat from breast to legs, making it perfect for any breed of duck whether your bird is homegrown, wild or from the supermarket. This braised duck recipe borrows from the flavors and techniques of the Mediterranean with its braising liquid of tomatoes, red wine and fresh

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