My Inexpensive, Low-Energy, Automatic Chicken Water Heater

My Inexpensive, Low-Energy,  Automatic Chicken Water Heater
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Steven Lee  With winter looming, I needed an inexpensive, worry-free way to keep my chickens’ water from freezing. Inspiration was hatched at the thrift store by a used curling iron that consumes only 13 watts of power — not enough power to make ramen noodles but enough to keep water from freezing when temperatures drop to zero!  The chickens’ water dispenser is a five-gallon plastic bucket with four chicken nipples from the feed store, installed in the bottom of the bucket.  A curling iron I bought at a thrift store for $2.00. In addition to the curling iron, my project would use seven pieces of pipe (Figure A): a 3/4″ galvanized cap; a ¾”x6¾ galvanized pipe nipple threaded into a ¾” 90° galvanized elbow; a ¾”x ½” PVC male adapter threaded into the opposite side of the galvanized elbow; a ½”x18″ PVC nipple that protrudes 3″ above the bucket

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