Age-Appropriate Chores for Children with Chickens

Chicken Coop Cleaning, Egg Collecting, and More!

Age-Appropriate Chores for Children with Chickens
He was only a few years old when I let him go down to the chicken coop all by himself to collect morning eggs. I should’ve known it was not an age-appropriate chore, but he was excited. Full of pride, joy, and giggles, he brought one little egg from the coop. But back at the house, out slipped the egg from his hands and splattered onto the floor. Crocodile tears began. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with him. I giggled, though he didn’t think it was funny. I assured him there was no use crying over a splattered egg, and that you can’t fry eggs on the floor, silly.  Later that evening, in an attempt to not discourage him, we went together with a basket, and one by one he loaded all of his little egg prizes with great joy. And no splatters.  Coop Questions? Find Answers Here!Need information, ideas, and plans for the best

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