The Four-Legged Chick

Polymelia occurs in numerous types of creates but is particularly rare in birds.

The Four-Legged Chick
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes By Rebecca Krebs  It was Monday morning, hatching day here at North Star Poultry. Freshly hatched chicks of assorted breeds filled the incubator. Many of them would be on their way to new homes by that afternoon, but I planned to keep most of the Rhode Island Red chicks to raise as my future breeding stock. I couldn’t wait to see them.  I got more than I bargained for.  As I pulled the tray of chicks from the incubator, I noticed a pair of funny little legs sticking out of the mass of fuzzy bodies. I did a double take. A four-legged chick! I snatched up the chick and examined him more closely, unable to believe what I saw until I gently pulled on the extra legs attached to his backside — the legs didn’t come off! I ran into the other room to show

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