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Here’s a Guide to Helping You Choose the Next Members of Your Chicken Flock

Spring Chicken Breed Directory
Add to Favorites By Christine Heinrichs, California BANTAMS Nankin Nankins have a unique black-tailed red color pattern. Males are ginger red color with orange red hackles and saddle. Their tails and wings are tipped with black. Hens are the same, but lighter red. Nankins may have either single or rose comb. Face and lobes are red, while shanks, feet and toes are slate. Large fowl breeds have corresponding bantam breeds. Some bantams, however, are unique. Those are considered True Bantams. Nankins are True Bantams. Nankins are an old breed, historically documented for more than 600 years. Sir John Sebright used them to develop his Sebrights around 1800. They are such excellent broody hens and mothers that breeders kept them for that purpose entirely. They will hatch and raise other hens’ eggs. They like to stay together in the flock, which may help them defend themselves against predators. Nankins are known

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