Secret Life of Poultry: Our Old Place Farm

Owner of a rescue for disabled poultry offers tips on helping birds through.

Secret Life of Poultry: Our Old Place Farm
Add to Favorites Last summer I had a rooster lose a leg while defending the flock from a predator. In one brief, fateful event, my standpoint on disabled chickens was changed forever. Captain was our head honcho rooster, and he was already a favorite among friends and family. Miraculously, he survived the attack, though his left leg didn’t. We mourned together.   I tended to him and nursed him back to health, but it became clear that he wouldn’t be able to live an ordinary life any longer. He lost his position in the flock largely due to politics. He could no longer fight or settle arguments, so we moved him into a different pen with a few very mellow hens as companions.   Captain the one-legged mixed game breed rooster. Adjusting to life with Captain meant shifting my perception of disabilities within livestock. I began searching for prosthetic leg plans, taking measurements, and creating prototypes. Surprisingly,

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