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Lacey Hughett

Lacey is an artist, author, mom, and homesteader based out of Reno, Nevada. She focuses on sustainability, heritage breed preservation, and ethical animal raising. She has been raising poultry since she was six years old. She be found on Instagram and Facebook at Hughett Heritage Farms.
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Articles by Lacey Hughett

All Cooped Up: Marek’s Disease
October 15, 2021 · · Feed & Health

Marek’s Disease Virus (MDV) is one of the best-known poultry diseases. It causes tumors and immunosuppression in mainly chickens, but is occasionally seen turkeys and quail.

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All Cooped Up: Omphalitis, or “Mushy Chick Disease”
September 3, 2021 · · Feed & Health

Omphalitis is a fairly common infection, also known as mushy chick disease or yolk sac infection, and it occurs in the first few days of a bird’s life. It is seen most commonly in artificially hatched eggs and is associated with contaminated eggs or incubators.

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August 23, 2021 · · Flock Files

Found worldwide, erysipelas most commonly affects turkeys. The bacteria live in areas high in nitrogen and enter the bird through skin wounds, mucous membranes, or ingestion. Fighting, picking, and artificial insemination may create lacerations.

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Most Chicken Neurological Diseases are Preventable
August 18, 2021 · · Feed & Health

Most of the multiple diseases that affect a chicken’s nervous system have the same clinical signs. Common signs are full or partial paralysis of one or multiple body parts, loss of balance, walking in circles, blindness, wry neck, and even convulsions.

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The Secret Life of Poultry: Earl the Shop Chicken
August 17, 2021 · · Chickens 101

Back in August of 2018, a feral rooster wandered up to a mechanic shop. The relationship that transpired became a local legend.

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Secret Life of Poultry: Tiny the Attack Hen
August 13, 2021 · · Chickens 101

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the feistiest little chicken of them all? I have my bets placed on Tiny the Terrorist, a Sumatra/Ameraucana mix hen who lives in Georgia with her owner, Cynthia.

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The Secret Life of Poultry: Chickens of Gondor
July 23, 2021 · · Chickens 101

Fanny Windeløv-Jensen is a chicken owner from Denmark with a fairly unique flock of hens, and any fellow Lord of the Rings (LOTR for short) fans are going to see why.

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All Cooped Up: Salpingitis/Lash Egg
July 23, 2021 · · Feed & Health

Medically, salpingitis is the inflammation of the oviduct in hens. The oviduct is a tube connecting a hen’s ovary to her cloaca; it’s the passage that an egg follows before being laid.

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The Secret Life of Poultry: Sammi the Adventurer
June 15, 2021 · · Chickens 101

In a universe where dogs, goats, or even alpacas can be seen surfing, the thought of animals enjoying the oceans isn’t a novel idea. The line is typically drawn at chickens, however, because they are known to not enjoy water or swimming.

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The Secret Life of Poultry: Topper the Comeback Duck
June 14, 2021 · · Poultry 101

In July of 2019, the employees at that Tractor Supply called Lisa to come to pick up Topper. At the time no one realized how special Topper would become.

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