Kelly Rankin’s New Beginnings

One Man’s Journey From Confinement to Chickens

Kelly Rankin’s New Beginnings
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Meet Kelly Rankin, a man who went the wrong direction several times, and is now building a good life, thanks in part to Backyard Poultry and Countryside & Small Stock Journal. Kelly lived on a small dairy farm in Illinois until around nine years old. He carried those memories with him as he moved, joined the Army, and moved around even more. After the Army, Kelly moved to Florida to be close to his parents. That’s where his life went seriously downhill and he ended up in prison for check fraud.  When he got out he moved to Austin, Texas, where he started a photography and graphic design business. Then one night, he made another terrible choice. “I got drunk with my girlfriend, and we got into an argument that got out of control and I got a family violence charge.”  Because of

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