Jokhu and Chicken Clicker Training

The Flockstars Become Famous after Owners Learn How to Train Chickens

Jokhu and Chicken Clicker Training
Add to Favorites In 2017, Shannon Myers and Sei-Hee Arii appeared on America’s Got Talent with their piano-playing hen, Jokgu, who delighted the skeptical audience and judges when Jokgu started to play along to “America the Beautiful” on a chicken-sized keyboard.   You might be wondering how the ladies taught Jokgu to play? Well, training chickens is easier than you might think. Some hens have a natural aptitude for learning and a longer attention span than others, making them good learners. Are chickens smart? Oh yes! Hens are naturally curious birds, so training chickens can be quite an exciting experience, for them and for you!   Jokgu, the chicken star of America’s Got Talent, is a very talented bird, but she does suffer from stage-fright sometimes. Her nerves got the better of her in the “Judges Cuts” stage when she was asked to play Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild,” accompanied by her sister Aichan. The birds refused to play the keyboard so their act was

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