Developing Moonbeam Chickens

A New Breed of Black and White

Developing Moonbeam Chickens
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes A New Breed of Black and White For a year and a half, Danielle has been working to develop a new breed of chickens, and she is almost there. These chickens have black skin and beaks with stark white feathers. She calls them Moonbeam chickens. In early 2018, Danielle drove from Ohio to neighboring Indiana to buy some Silkie chickens. While there, she noticed a few chickens with black skin and white feathers, so she begged the purchase of one. This beautiful hen became the inspiration behind breeding chickens specifically to have those characteristics. Unfortunately, due to crop issues, the hen did not live long enough to produce chicks to pass on her traits. Because the inspiration Moonbeam hen did not live to hatch chicks, Danielle had to start from scratch on attempting to breed chickens that would produce black skin and white

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