Broody Chicken Breeds: A Frequently Under-Valued Asset

How many eggs can a broody hen sit on?

Broody Chicken Breeds: A Frequently Under-Valued Asset
Add to Favorites A broody hen or two is a wonderful resource that can be used to increase one’s flock. Many times, poultry keepers undervalue this heredity-linked trait in broody chicken breeds. Perhaps it is time to reassess this attribute and appreciate it for the many benefits it can provide.  A setting, brooding hen does exactly what an electric incubator will do. The broody hen hatches the chicks for you. No need to set eggs in a tray, no need to make sure they are getting turned, no need to worry about fluctuating temperatures or power outages. With all of our technology and modern inventions, it is sometimes easy to forget that this was nature’s first design for bringing baby chicks into the world. After those eggs are hatched, Mama Hen will keep those babies warm. No need for heat lamps or worrying about power outages in the middle of the night. For anyone wanting to homestead or live off-grid, a few broody hens are indispensable.  Two main drawbacks to using broody hens for incubation are

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