Ask the Expert – April/May 2020

Add to Favorites Reading Time: 18 minutes Double–Shelled Egg  Has anyone else had an egg like this (white shell inside, dark shell outside)? First one I’ve found. Wonder why.  Lorri Melton Atwell Jones  *********************  The outside layer is excess calcium, though it’s more than you normally see with excess calcium deposits, and that can be caused by too much calcium in the feed, a defective shell gland, stress during the time when that last layer was formed, or foreign material that may be present when that last layer was formed. Biliverdin/oocyanin (the green and blue coloring in poultry eggs) permeates the entire shell and protoporphyrines (the brown or speckles) are “painted” on during the final stage in egg production. So, if the chicken is anything other than something with Chilean heritage, that would explain why the inside shell is white. If the hen is a white-layer, the color is probably because of foreign material or something surplus in

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