A Proper Chicken Coop Design Reduces Winter Health Issues
November 6, 2019 · · Coops

Favorite When planning your chicken coop designs for anyone who lives in the frigid north, have you ever wondered how cold is too cold for backyard chickens? I’ve heard other …

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How to Influence the Law on Keeping Chickens in Residential Areas
June 28, 2019 · · Chickens 101

Favorite Is keeping chickens one of your New Year’s resolutions? Are you interested in learning more about how to legally keep chickens in your residential area? Where does a wannabe …

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10 Facts About Ducks: Are Ducks the New Chickens?
March 14, 2019 · · Kids' Corner, Poultry 101

Favorite Over the last few years, keeping backyard chickens has become all the rage. Whether it’s wanting to know where their food is coming from, a desire to be more …

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8 Simple Boredom Busters for Urban Chickens

Favorite By Jodi Helmer – Robert Litt makes sure the six hens foraging, roosting, and scratching in the backyard coop and run of his Portland, Oregon home are never bored. In …

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How to Stop Chickens from Eating Their Eggs
February 22, 2019 · · Eggs & Meat

Favorite One of the frustrating moments in chicken keeping is wondering why do my chickens eat their eggs. After all, we keep chickens so that we can enjoy fresh eggs …

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Mitigating Ammonia: Your Options in Poultry Litter Treatment
February 20, 2019 · · Coops

Favorite Some of us keep our beloved birds in precarious situations. I don’t mean we necessarily put them in direct danger, but the very idea of us keeping backyard chickens …

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