Guinea Egg Pound Cake
December 29, 2022 · · Eggs & Meat

Not wanting the guinea eggs to go to waste, I decided to use the eggs to make a pound cake. Here’s my recipe and tips.

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Hatching Guineas (Keets) under a Broody Hen

Hen-raised guineas should be a welcome addition to any farm or homestead. They are low maintenance, eat their weight in pests, and are considered flock guardians.

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The Realities of Guinea Fowl Care

Taking care of guinea fowl can be uplifting … or cause problems with the neighbors!

When an old friend, Roy Miller, invited us to camp on his field in Lincolnshire, he didn’t mention the bird life, so it was an unexpected delight to be greeted by a flock of guinea fowl on arrival.

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Guinea-Chicken Hybrid: Can Chickens and Guineas Breed?
November 9, 2021 · · Poultry 101

Guinea-chicken hybrids are an unusual phenomenon, as nature does not favor the cross, leading to health issues and early death.

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Are Guinea Hens the Worst Moms of All?

Do guinea hens really make bad moms? Is there really a concern? What exactly is the problem with guinea hen moms, and why do people say things against these very entertaining birds that are such a benefit to have around the farm, by making negative statements about guineas

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