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Rodents and Your Coop

Rodents can be a problem for your chickens and coop. Clean up feed, clean the coops, avoid rat diseases, bleach, alcohol.

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Chicken-Friendly Coop Decorations
February 3, 2023 · · Coops

Decking the halls of your coop and run with some safe, chicken-friendly decorations is a great way to get your flock — and family — into the holiday spirit.

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Four Flags Farm DIY Chicken Tractor Plan

Our biggest goal for the year was to welcome chickens onto our farm. This chicken tractor coop perfectly fits our and our hens’ needs.

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Free Chicken Coop Plan: An Easy 3×7 Coop
June 23, 2022 · · Coops

Many first-time backyard chicken keepers intend to build their own coop, but the first and most frustrating question usually is: what does a chicken coop need? Information paralysis usually ensues, but in reality, your chickens really don’t need much to thrive.

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Building A Chicken Coop: 11 Cheap Tips
January 24, 2022 · · Coops

As long as you do not cut corners on the important things, there are many ways to get a cheap chicken coop without jeopardizing the final coop.

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Covid Coops: Making Lemonade out of Lemons
June 22, 2021 · · Coops

When Drake Clifton of Cleburne, Texas, lost his job early in 2020 due to COVID-19 shutdowns, it was a mixed blessing at best. “I was stuck in an office going nowhere working a dead-end job for a company I didn’t care for, drafting 3-D blueprints of commercial plumbing systems,” he says.

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Zachariah’s Acres
March 3, 2020 · · Coops

Tucked into the rural folds of southeastern Wisconsin, you’ll find an extraordinary place called Zachariah’s Acres (ZA). ZA connects children and young adults with special needs to nature and agriculture on its universally designed 48-acre campus. The campus boasts rows of raised bed gardens, orchards, apiaries, walking trails, greenhouses, butterfly gardens, fishing ponds, and yes, chickens.

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