Poultry Presidents

What Makes an Ideal President?

Poultry Presidents
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes With a huge presidential election coming up, we asked poultry presidents around the country, about their jobs, what makes a great president, and to share their organization. Mark Podgwaite, President of American Poultry Association Your duties: Promote and successfully operate the oldest livestock organization in North America. Assists in various other poultry-related meetings, events, and exhibitions. Is responsible for the conduct of the directors’ and general meetings as well as be the sole interpreter of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association when not in session. Ideal president: Listens to and considers the opinions of the association’s board of directors and its membership. An association does not exist without members and their interests must be served. Promotes the association at every opportunity and wholeheartedly believes in its mission and core values. Your organization: To promote and protect the standard-bred poultry industry. To that

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