Sweeter Heater 15% Off

Partner Perks: Sweeter Heater is Helping You Prepare for Winter Chicken Keeping

Add to Favorites Welcome to your Partner Perks! Partner Perks offers Backyard Poultry members rotating deals from names you know and love. Backyard Poultry is proud to partner with Sweeter Heater to offer a 15% off deal! PLUS, get FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S. This deal is good through 12/31/2019. Scroll down for the 15% off code Meet Sweeter Heater The science behind the Sweeter Heater is based on the principle of infrared radiant heat. The goal is to heat the animal, not the environment. The Sweeter Heater’s infrared rays are spread over the entire surface area of the panel and are evenly projected straight down, with no hot or cold spots in the pattern.​ ​This family-owned business is located in northwest Wisconsin, and all products are Made in the USA! Scroll down for the 15% off code About the 11 x 40 Model The Overhead Model (OH1140) is the largest

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