Backyard Poultry April/May 2022

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• Photo Essay: Polish Chicken Madness
• Mexican Fiesta!
• Southwest Breakfast Pizza
• 10 True Facts About Ducks
• Avoiding Foot and Leg Injuries in Waterfowl
• Flock Files: How to Care for Ducklings
• Neural Problems in Crested Ducks

Unlike chickens with a crest (in which the skull has a bony protrusion or bump under the feather crest), the skull of a crested duck does not fully close. Instead, a lipoma or lump of fat sits directly on the thin tentorial membrane covering the top of the brain.

• Self Colors: Blue and Silver
• The Secrets of Duck Eggs
• The Incredible Egg Down Through the Years
• Go Green This Earth Day With Your Backyard Poultry
• What Poultry Has to Offer Your Land
• Breeding Ratios for Chickens and Ducks
• The First Four Weeks
• Changing Attitude Toward Vet Visits and Illnesses

After 10 years of keeping poultry, love and loss have tempered my attitude toward sickness, vet visits, and even my attachment to the ladies.” – Stacy Benjamin of 5R Farm

• To Cull or Not to Cull
• Moving With Chickens
• Hot and Cold Weather Breeds
• Tips for Raising Emus
• Challenging Times for the British Hen Welfare Trust
• Adventures in Coop Construction Part 2
• Breed Profile: Ancona Chicken
• Coop Inspiration: The Kaplaniak Koop

Rose-comb Ancona rooster. Photo © Jeannette Beranger/The Livestock Conservancy with kind permission.


• From The Editor
• Reader Submitted Letters: Something To Crow About
• Ask the Expert
• Coming Events
• Flocks to Follow
• Flock Photos
• Just for Fun


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