Oviducts and Salpingitis

What is a lash egg and how does it happen?

Oviducts and Salpingitis
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Chickens are the original egg assembly factories. Inside those fluffy bodies are conveyer belts where eggs are “built” through assembly-line techniques.  A hen doesn’t need to mate to lay eggs, but the eggs will be infertile. The hen’s reproductive system consists of the ovary (where the yolk develops) and the oviduct (where the egg is built). The oviduct is a twisted tube-like organ about 26 inches long. It’s divided into five major sections: the infundibulum, magnum, isthmus, shell gland (uterus), and vagina.  A baby hen’s ovary contains all the ova it will ever have. As the chick matures, hormones (and light) stimulate the ovary to begin converting ova to yolks. Interestingly, hens have two ovaries, but only one works. The right ovary stops developing and becomes dormant when the female chick hatches, but the left one continues to mature. In certain cases where the left ovary is damaged, the right ovary can replace it. 

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