How to Manage Roundworms in Chickens

How to tell if chickens have worms

How to Manage Roundworms in Chickens
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Roundworms in chickens are an inevitable pestilence with free-range poultry, but we can manage their effect on our flocks. There are about 100 different parasitic worms your birds could contract, but the Merck Veterinary Manual calls the common roundworm, known as Ascaridia galli (A. galli), the most common offender. The Merck Manual estimates infection rate within free-range birds is over 80% on average. Roundworms in Chickens Roundworms look much like they sound; they’re round, look something akin to a thin, pale earthworm, and are a semi-transparent shade of white. Adult roundworms can measure between 50 to 112mm long, be thick as a #2 pencil’s graphite core, and are easy to see with the naked eye. A. galli are sexually dimorphic, which means that males and females look different. Males sport a pointed and curved tail where females characteristically have a blunt, straight tail. How Infection Occurs Ascaridia

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