7 Chicken Coop Basics That Your Chickens Need

Essentials for the Chicken Coop Interior and Run

7 Chicken Coop Basics That Your Chickens Need
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Chickens have many needs beyond food and water for their comfort, hygiene, peace of mind, and to express natural behavior. Ideally, they will meet these while ranging freely. But where circumstances do not permit such liberty, you can incorporate the following chicken coop basics into their enclosures. With a little thought at the design stage, a chicken coop interior can meet a whole range of everyday needs. Free-range birds also benefit from these provisions if their pasture does not naturally provide them. What do Chickens Need in a Coop? Although chickens are social animals, they still need personal space so that they can withdraw to tranquility and avoid aggression. In addition, they need enough room to stretch and flap. Chicken coop layout needs to prioritize such considerations. As well as providing enough space, the coop should be designed so that different areas meet

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