Choosing the Best Chicken Coop Size for Your Flock

How Much Space Do Chickens Need?

Choosing the Best Chicken Coop Size for Your Flock
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Thinking about the best chicken coop size for your flock? This requires evaluating a few factors. Obviously, a large flock packed in a small coop makes no sense. Did you know that a small flock in a large coop can also be the wrong choice? Factors Influencing Coop Size One size coop does not fit all. The factors that influence the best chicken coop size include the breeds of chickens, the number of chickens in the flock, community or HOA guidelines, and the size of your property. Starting with property size, also think about the accessibility of your backyard. Buying a ready-made coop is a great option but delivery might be a concern. If your property does not have access to the backyard because of other buildings or permanent fencing, it will take some modifications to deliver the coop. Build it yourself coop

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