Show Chickens: The Serious Business of “The Fancy”

The secrets to choosing the right show chicken breeds for you

Show Chickens: The Serious Business of “The Fancy”
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Show chickens and the people who breed them are an intriguing lot. Show chicken breeders, typically self-labeled as “fanciers,” are serious about their craft. Some fanciers are passionate about preserving a dying breed. Some obsess over perfecting a breed that captured their imagination. Others are enamored with the genetic science behind it all, and as expected, even more, have a burning desire to compete. Regardless of what drove them to the “fancy” (the breeding of quality show chickens), you can rest assured that they’re … endearingly quirky. Where I Started I was a kid in 4-H showing goats and a friend encouraged (read: badgered) me into getting show chickens. He was the only kid exhibiting show chickens in the county at that time, and I’m sure having no competition was boring. It just so happened that a man was selling Golden Sebrights at

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