Rooster vs. Hen: Know Before They Crow

How to tell a baby rooster vs baby hen before it wakes the neighbors.

Rooster vs. Hen: Know Before They Crow
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes In the fun of getting tiny fluffy chicks, it’s hard to imagine a time they won’t be welcome in the barnyard (or backyard). Yet most people want hens, not roosters. In some places (notably suburbs), roosters are not permitted at all, thanks to their penchant for crowing. So how do you tell apart a baby rooster vs baby hen?  Several methods can determine rooster vs hen traits (including some which are breed-specific). Sexing methods include:  Vent sexing Wing feathers Behavior Leg thickness Comb and wattle Secondary feathers Sex-linked traits Behavior DNA testing  Vent Sexing  When chicks are just out of the shell and dry, the only reliable sexing method is examining the sex organs in their vents. Vent sexing is a specialized practice that takes years to perfect. The difference between the male and female sex organs of newborn chicks is so subtle that even trained experts get it right only 90-95% of the time. Vent sexing can cause serious

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