Raising Chicks From Mail Order Sources

Learn How to Raise Baby Chicks From Mail Order Sources

Raising Chicks From Mail Order Sources
Add to Favorites Raising chicks from mail order sources is different from setting your own hens. You have to provide for all of their basic needs. Of course there’s an ideal way to do things when you’re brooding chicks, usually involving more money than most of us want to spend. The old-timers would put their chicks by the wood stove in a galvanized tub to warm them, so there are many ways to achieve the same result. Before your chicks arrive, you need to have some basics ready and waiting. Brooder When you’re raising chicks, the first thing you want to do is be sure the chicks stay warm. This is the main purpose of the brooder. Your brooder can be pretty much any setup you want, just be sure there are no drafts, it’s able to hold a uniform temperature, and there’s good ventilation. I’ve seen homemade brooders ranging

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