Chickens Who Foster, Chickens Who Adopt

Tales of Coparenting, Adoption, and Motherly Love

Chickens Who Foster, Chickens Who Adopt
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes It is not uncommon to set a broody hen with fertilized eggs from several different hens, but have you ever given a hen a turkey poult? Here I have gathered several stories about hens raising chicks that were not their own, co-parenting hens, and even a depressed hen that just wanted a family. Chickarita The story of Chickarita actually begins with a different hen randomly walking up to Jessica’s mailbox and following her boyfriend to the house in their subdivision. When no one claimed the hen, she was dubbed Henrietta and given a home in the backyard. Knowing that chickens are social creatures, Jessica bought a small Turken to keep her company. This Turken was given the name of Chickarita. While Chickarita was docile and friendly, Henrietta was not interested in having a companion and often picked on Chickarita. Poor Chickarita wanted a
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  1. I have 4 regular chickens , 1 Silkie hen and 2 Silkie roosters. Silkie hen got 3 Silkie chicks . She’s an awesome mom. Black Silkie roo is the dad. He shoes them food. White Silkie rooster protects them from the regular chickens. Chicks run to hide under him if they get scared

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