Chickens Who Foster, Chickens Who Adopt

Tales of Coparenting, Adoption, and Motherly Love

Chickens Who Foster, Chickens Who Adopt
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes It is not uncommon to set a broody hen with fertilized eggs from several different hens, but have you ever given a hen a turkey poult? Here I have gathered several stories about hens raising chicks that were not their own, co-parenting hens, and even a depressed hen that just wanted a family. Chickarita The story of Chickarita actually begins with a different hen randomly walking up to Jessica’s mailbox and following her boyfriend to the house in their subdivision. When no one claimed the hen, she was dubbed Henrietta and given a home in the backyard. Knowing that chickens are social creatures, Jessica bought a small Turken to keep her company. This Turken was given the name of Chickarita. While Chickarita was docile and friendly, Henrietta was not interested in having a companion and often picked on Chickarita. Poor Chickarita wanted a

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