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Stacy Benjamin

Stacy lives on 4.5 acres in St. Helens, Oregon with her husband and a flock of 4 dozen-ish chickens and heritage Narragansett turkeys. She is an avid gardener who enjoys preserving her garden harvest, as well as making handmade soaps and other natural products. Stacy shares her knowledge and farm adventures on her blog and in her contributions to Countryside and Backyard Poultry magazines. She is a self described crazy chicken lady and enjoys connecting with other chicken and turkey lovers through her social media accounts. Find her on instagram @5rfarmoregon and @5rfarmsoap and on her website at www.5Rfarm.com.
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Articles by Stacy Benjamin

Coop Elements to Keep Your Flock Safe
August 4, 2021 · · Coops

We all know that predators are out there, but when you see one trying to make a meal out of your chickens, you realize how vulnerable they are. That’s why it’s important to incorporate safety measures into your coop design.

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Ten Things Every New Chicken Owner Should Know
April 8, 2021 · · Chickens 101

Chickens gain popularity every year, and for a good reason! They provide us with breakfast, entertainment, and so much more.

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Tips for Naturally Brooding Heritage Turkeys
March 8, 2021 · · Poultry 101

With self-sufficiency gaining popularity, you may be considering expanding your flock beyond just chickens. Why not add heritage turkeys to your farm?

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