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Jd Belanger

In addition to writing books, Jerome (Jd, Jerry) Belanger founded Countryside and Small Stock Journal (1969), sheep! magazine, the original (1979) Backyard Poultry, as well as Dairy Goat Guide and Rabbit World. He was an organic farmer for several years, and a homesteader for most of his life. Today his twin passions are gardening and cooking. Now retired in northern Wisconsin, he is known locally for his 30,000 spring bulbs and extensive collection of rare and unusual conifers.
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Articles by Jd Belanger

Everything Worth Knowing About Chicken Eggs
October 24, 2022 · · Eggs & Meat

“It was a brave man who first ate an oyster,” Jonathon Swift said, but the first person to eat an egg must have been even braver. Or very, very hungry. Imagine breaking open an egg, not knowing what you’ll find inside!

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Raising Backyard Turkeys for Meat
November 26, 2020 · · Eggs & Meat

Of all homestead poultry projects, raising backyard turkeys seems to appeal to the least number of people. Turkeys are amazingly stupid — from the newly hatched poults who can starve to death while trampling in their feed because they haven’t learned where to find it, to the hens who lay their eggs standing up.

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