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Brittany May

Happy-Days-Farm is a joint effort of Penny Ausley & Brittany May. We have 19 hens, 1 rooster, 7 Guinea Fowl, and 4 Rabbits, on our ever expanding backyard farm. 
Together, we have a combined 38 years of experience raising and using herbs, and Brittany is a certified herbalist through the New England Herbal Academy. Since starting Happy-Days-Farm, this love of herbs has turned into an opportunity to learn how to apply natural and herbal prevention and treatments to our animals to keep them healthy.
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Articles by Brittany May

Keeping Guinea Fowl Safe
November 9, 2021 · · Poultry 101

Add to Favorites Guinea fowl are unique in the poultry world. Anyone who has ever kept guinea fowl will know exactly what I am referring to. If you are wondering …

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15 Tips for Adding Royal Palm Turkeys to Your Flock
March 14, 2019 · · Poultry 101

Add to Favorites We have considered adding turkeys to our backyard flock for a while now. While researching turkey breeds, we decided if we ever did get turkeys, we wanted …

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