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We love when guest writers stop by to share their knowledge and love of raising poultry. Take a minute to learn something new from an experienced poultry keeper!
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Black Soldier Fly Larvae Farming

Want an easy (and free) way to feed your hens? Try black soldier fly larvae farming! Plus: free plans for building a black soldier fly farm.

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Protein and Enzymes in Organic Non-GMO Chicken Feed

Feeding certified organic non-GMO chicken feed has become a popular choice as people increasingly return to a natural way of life.

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Taking a Break with Chickens

At this time, in America, the Great Depression was in “full swing,” bringing many changes to our lives. Raising chickens might be an easy way of getting my hands on some money. How hard could raising chickens be?

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Chicken Feed Container Conundrums

Clever storage ideas for chicken (and other poultry) food and tools.

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Holiday Chicken Decor
December 7, 2022 · · Coops

Decking the halls of your coop and run with some safe, chicken-friendly decorations is a great way to get your flock — and family — into the holiday spirit.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas — Chickens Edition!

With apologies to Clement C. Moore. The following should prove to all the children out there that Santa visits good chickens, too.

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What is Custard and Where is It From?

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple bowl of goodness like egg custard to wash away the worries and stresses in life. But what is custard?

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Andalusian Chickens and The Poultry Royalty of Spain

Andalusian chickens, Black Spanish chickens, and Minorca chickens all have a long and gloried history as the poultry royalty of Spain.

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The Lille Collection of Preserved Breeds

The collection of preserved poultry breeds of the Natural History Museum of Lille is one of the best kept, largest, and most interesting in Europe and dates back to 1823.

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Brooder Box Plans: Build Your Own Brooder Cabinet
December 6, 2022 · · Coops

Before I knew it, we were building this cabinet brooder from our own brooder box plans.

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