Ask the Expert — June/July 2019

Add to Favorites Rock-Hard Pieces in Eggs While blending my silkies’ hard-boiled eggs to feed them back to them, these rock-hard pieces were inside. It has happened on two separate occasions. Do you have any idea what they are and what causes it?  — Marcia L. ***************************** Hi Marcia, While those hard pieces may be alarming to find, they are simply crystals of excess calcium or protein. Maybe you wouldn’t have seen them in a fresh egg but the cooking process could have hardened them. You can choose to throw them out, but it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your hens. Humans and other animals also find healthy ways to expel excess calcium, protein, or salts. You may even find crystals in a piece of hard, aged cheese, which can make the food quite tasty! — Marissa Ames _________________________________________ Handsome Rooster Troubles I am a subscriber to your delightful

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