From the Coop Sponsorship

From the Coop - E-newsletter Sponsorship

Get branding and direct site traffic from a niche audience of poultry enthusiasts.

Q. Who is this for?

A. This solution is for anyone that is looking to target their ad message to a poultry audience.

Q. What will this do for my company?

A. Since we’ve already prequalified your audience, your company will receive the branding and recognition from this large poultry audience as well as get direct traffic to your site for more information or even purchase.

Q. What size ad spaces?

A. You’ll receive the online display ad size 300×250 and then a text ad beneath the first story.

Q. What is a text ad?

A. A text ad is 30-50 words (and 120×170 image) is an ad that will never be blocked by ad blockers and will engage the audience to inquire about getting more information, going to your site or taking another action. Here’s an example.

Q. What if I want my text ad to be above the first story?

A. We can do that! It’s true that the first story gets clicked the most, so place a text ad, advertorial or story snip for an extra cost.

Q. What if I don’t have the ad copy?

A. No problem. We’ve got a staff educated on making the most engaging ads based on your goal.