How to Raise Ducks

How to Raise Ducks

Wondering how to raise ducks in your backyard?

This FREE handbook is like enrolling in Ducks 101

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If you’re looking for information on how to raise ducks, you’re not alone!

After all, ducks make great pets, as well as providing eggs. They have personalities, just like dogs and cats, and they can live well over a decade, all while providing 200-300 eggs per year each! And you’ll know exactly what’s gone into the ducks whose eggs you eat (or sell!), and how they’re treated. Literally thousands of other people just like you are becoming backyard duck farmers – more every day!

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And to get the best possible information, you’ve definitely come to the right pond today. We are the folks from Backyard Poultry magazine, America’s leading poultry magazine! We not only love our ducks – from Khaki Campbells to Indian Runners – we also love to help other people enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of keeping poultry, whether it’s on a farm or in the city. That’s why we’ve written this FREE handbook, How To Raise Ducks: Best Ducks for Eggs, What Ducks Eat, Duck Diseases and Other Facts About Ducks.

You can tell just from the title that this handbook has you covered from A to Z! Best of all, you can download it right now for free and get started immediately on your journey to duck delights.

How to raise ducks, Step 1

You could scour the Internet, haunt the library and spend weeks researching in order to learn how to raise ducks. Or you could just read our free handbook in a few minutes and be ready to order ducklings tomorrow!

What’s more, this is no jargon-heavy, scientific tome. It’s a straightforward, down-to-earth guide written in friendly language to deliver experience-based advice that even the most novice poultry keeper will understand.

It’s written for beginners from the knowledge of our collective experts to help you get your backyard flock up and running, along with award-winning articles, books and online resources to help you. You’ll learn about choosing the best ducks for eggs, where to buy ducklings, what ducks eat, building a shelter, how to watch for – and avoid – duck diseases, and many more facts about ducks.

We even answer those questions about how to raise ducks that you might think are too silly to ask – but aren’t!

Do I need a pond to raise ducks?

  • No, but ducks need plenty of fresh water for drinking, bathing and playing. An oversize kiddie pool will do nicely for the occasional swim treat.

Aren’t ducks noisy?

  • On the whole, ducks of the egg-laying breeds are no noisier than chickens, especially when raised in small flocks consisting of six to eight birds.

What do ducks eat?

  • Ducks should be provided a laying feed that contains 15 to 16 percent crude protein. The good news: Most laying rations for chickens are satisfactory, although feeding medicated chicken feed is not recommended. Isn’t it great raising ducks?

As you can see, whatever you’re worried about, we’ve got the solution – and in many cases, the answer is a lot easier than you might have anticipated. There’s a reason why so many people are deciding to raise ducks in their backyards, after all. So what are you waiting for? It’s fun, manageable and rewarding! Just read our handbook and see!

All together, this handbook is designed to help you…

  • Learn the ins and outs of raising ducks at home
  • Discover how to raise ducks that are happy, healthy, productive and fun
  • Involve your children and teach them responsibility
  • Choose the best ducks for your needs and preferences, whatever they are
  • Become an expert on how to raise ducks, no matter what your level of previous experience

In short, the first step to becoming a duck expert is to download this FREE handbook right now!

How to raise ducks, Step 2

When you start to read our free handbook, you’ll notice right away that it’s written to help you have fun even before you buy your first ducks. One of the best things about our magazine is that we don’t talk to our readers, we talk with them – and many of their personal duck adventures are shared in this handbook!

You’ll read, for example, how Lori turned her suburban backyard into a haven for her ducks. Ducks listen, they learn, and they let you direct them where they need to go. Ducks are more like feathered dogs than you might imagine!

And of course you get all the practical advice you need, including:

  • The top questions about how to raise ducks answered
  • Facts on duck breeds
  • Advice and instructions on building inexpensive shelters
  • The best ways to protect your flock from predators and diseases
  • Information on recognizing, treating, and preventing duck diseases

Now, we know that if you’re new to backyard ducks, all of this might seem a bit intimidating. Most people grew up owning cats or dogs, not ducks, so it’s not exactly something you may be comfortable with. All kinds of worries may crop up in your head: How do I know what kind of ducks to get? Where do I house my ducks? What if my ducks get sick? Will my neighbors be upset? How do I get my ducks to lay eggs?

Relax! We’ve got all the answers. We’ll guide you through the process of choosing the breeds that are right for you, help you build the perfect duck shelter, teach you about preventing diseases, give you advice for keeping the neighbors happy and explain how to keep your flock happy and productive. And remember, all of this is free – so you can save your money to buy ducklings, of course!

How to raise ducks, Step 3

Are you ready now to start learning? Keeping ducks is incredibly fun and rewarding, as you’ll find out when you read this free handbook. For starters, just deciding which breeds you want is entertainment all by itself! Do you want your ducks for eggs, weed control, or to keep as pets? How many eggs do you want each year?

These are all questions we’ll have you answer for yourself to make it easier to decide. And the fun part is that there are numerous breeds to choose from, so you’ll be able to find exactly the right ones for your situation after you’ve read our handbook.

What else will you be able to do when you’re finished reading?

  • Build or buy the perfect duck shelter
  • Feed your ducks exactly the right food
  • Get your ducks exercising to keep them healthy and happy
  • Harvest and enjoy – or even sell – your own eggs

And above all…

  • Enjoy!

We hope you’ll download our free handbook immediately, because the sooner you read it, the sooner you and your family can begin reaping the rewards of raising, playing with and harvesting the products of your new duck flock.

Yours for the love of ducks,

Mike Campbell
for Countryside

PS: By now, you may be eager to buy your first ducklings. But where to do it? Who can you trust? No worries: We’ve got all the resources you need in How To Raise Ducks: Best Ducks for Eggs, What Ducks Eat, Duck Diseases and Other Facts About Ducks for buying with confidence!

PPS: Remember, thousands of backyard duck enthusiasts can’t be wrong. Join them today for all the joys and benefits – safe, healthy eggs, fun getting to know each personality, giving kids the responsibility for a new pet, even eggs to sell – by reading our free handbook.