Feeding Your Flock Organic Chicken Feed
March 15, 2019 · · Feed & Health

When deciding to use organic chicken feed for your flock, it’s first good to know what to feed chickens for a healthy diet. Believe it or not, an interesting fact about chickens is they don’t need grain to survive. Most people don’t realize chickens are not primarily herbivores (plant eaters).

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The Lille Collection of Preserved Breeds

Add to Favorites By Stuart Sutton, England   The Collection of preserved poultry of the Natural History Museum of Lille is one of the best kept, largest and most interesting …

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From Backyards to Factory Farms: The Evolution of Poultry Farming in America
March 1, 2019 · · Poultry 101

Add to Favorites “The evolution of the chicken industry over the past century has simply been an extraordinary demonstration of the power of science to transform our daily lives,” says …

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Rescuing British Battery Hens

Add to Favorites By Susie Kearley – While your backyard chickens probably enjoy a pampered life of luxury, some commercially farmed chickens have a more difficult life. The hen rescue initiative finds …

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Egg Facts: 5 Reasons To Eat Eggs
February 22, 2019 · · Eggs & Meat, Kids' Corner

Add to Favorites Eggs add the perfect punch of protein to our diets. Raising hens for eggs means that you have easy access to one of the few high quality …

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To Refrigerate or Not!

Add to Favorites Susie Kearley – In the United Kingdom and Europe, many people keep their eggs at room temperature. The supermarkets sell unrefrigerated eggs, and it’s thought that refrigerating …

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Organic Poultry Production in India

Add to Favorites By T. Sasidhar, K. Mani, R. Amutha, K. Rajendran and T. Vasanthakumar Department of Poultry Science, Veterinary College and Research Institute, Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, …

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How to Build an Automatic Chicken Waterer System for Less Than $150
February 20, 2019 · · Coops

Add to Favorites Once he figured out how to build a chicken coop, my husband built my portable hen house on a tractor for me in 2009 for my, ahem, …

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