Hatching Duck Eggs: When Fertile Eggs Don’t Hatch
March 14, 2019 . · Eggs & Meat

I recently ventured into hatching duck eggs, an area that I had previously avoided ever since we started keeping ducks. Not only am I allowing Margarita, our broody duck to …

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Treating Livestock and Chicken Eye Problems
March 14, 2019 . · Feed & Health

Livestock and chicken eye problems need to be treated as soon as possible. When our chickens and livestock get an eye injury or any type of wound, I grab the …

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Chickens in the Garden at Rudyard Kipling’s Former Home

By Susie Kearley – You’re probably familiar with the classic children’s stories by Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book and Just So Stories. Well, Rudyard and his family lived in a …

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Chicken Clothes for Halloween and Christmas

By Wendy E.N. Thomas – Olivia Dougherty, who lives in Delaware, Maryland, created her chicken clothes for a contest, sponsored by Cooptastic, one of the nation’s premier educational conferences dedicated …

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The Evolution of Turkey Farming

By Doug Ottinger – Ah, the glory of Thanksgiving and turkey farming in the past. Norman Rockwell painted the picture that memorializes in our minds what the holidays of yesteryear …

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Respiratory Distress in Chickens

By Wendy E.N. Thomas, New Hampshire Abnormal breathing in a chicken could mean the bird is hot, scared or it might mean that the bird has a respiratory disease. The average respiratory rate …

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How to Compost Chicken Manure
February 25, 2019 . · Feed & Health

Chickens provide us with hours of companionship, fresh eggs, and manure! Lots of manure. About one cubic foot of manure is produced by each chicken in approximately six months. Multiply …

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Cooking With Every Part of a Chicken

Photos & Story By Janice Cole, Minnesota “Waste not want not” is the new mantra for today’s trend-setters. Food waste is a hot topic and progressive chefs are leading the …

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Ask the Expert — August/September 2017
August 20, 2017 . · Ask The Expert

Mystery Chicken Do you know what kind of chicken that is is on page nine of the April/May 2017 issue of Backyard Poultry magazine? — Norma Grainger ************************ It looks …

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