MannaPro $2.50 Off Heated Drinker Base

Partner Perks: Shop for Your Heated Drinker Base from MannaPro and Save!

Add to Favorites Welcome to your Partner Perks! With Partner Perks, Backyard Poultry members get great deals from names you know and love. MannaPro® is proud to partner with Backyard Poultry to offer members $2.50 off the Heated Drinker Base. This deal is good through 12/31/19. Scroll down for the coupon.If you are ready to start saving, grab the coupon below and get shopping! About the Heated Drinker Base Set your Harris Farms or Free Range poultry drinker on this base to prevent water from freezing down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit . The base is thermostatically controlled and has 125 watts of power. May be used outdoors in a dry covered area. Can be used with plastic and metal drinkers. Prevents water from freezing down to 10 degrees FahrenheitThermostatically controlled125 W of powerCan be used with plastic or metal drinkers Scroll down for the printable coupon! CLICK HERE TO GET

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