2021 Spring Poultry Giveaway – $4,200 in Prizes!

Win a New Coop! Enter April 5-May 2, 2021.

Week 1 Prizes

The EggCarton Store

PDZ Coop Refresher

Rooster Booster $100 Gift Certificate

Mt. Healthy Hatchery $100 Gift Certificate

NEW Happy Hen Scratch Feed

Metzer Farm – 6 ducklings

Week 2 Prizes

Sweeter Heater – 11×16 Overhead Heater

Royal Rooster – Drinker & Feeder Set

Hen Boost™ 1 Year Supply of Hen Boost

Iowa Blue Farm – (5) 1lb Bag Superfood Grubs

Manna Pro – Prize Pack

Deer Run Farm – 10 Chick Variety Box

Week 3 Prizes

Henny & Roo – 1 Month Subscription Box

Vetericyn – Poultry Wellness Care Pack

Predator Guard – Solar Light Predator Deterrant

Kalmbach Poultry Feeds

McMurray Hatchery – $100 Gift Certificate

Backyard Poultry – 6 issue – All Access Subscription


Roost & Root: Round-Top Backyard Coop with a waterer and feeder.

YardBird – Chicken Plucker

Stromberg’s Chicks & Gamebirds

ADM – Huge Prize Pack

Nite Guard Solar – Predator Deterrant

Cackle Hatchery – $100 Gift Certificate

Brinsea – Automatic Coop Door Opener

Backyard Poultry – 6 issue – All Access Subscription

41 thoughts on “2021 Spring Poultry Giveaway – $4,200 in Prizes!”
  1. I love my chickens! Thank you for doing this. I can’t get to the feed store like I want, so this would be wonderful for my babies.

  2. What a wonderful giveaway in the midst of this terrible times. Good luck to all who have entered.

  3. Thank you for giving back. This is a value I try to teach my children. We just started with raising chickens and each child has let their friends name a baby. So nice to see the excitement.

  4. Good luck to all. I enjoy reading and learning new things from this magazine. I was even more surprised that my granddaughter and her hen Lois, was featured in the magazine. That was truly the best prize.

  5. We are getting ready to put in a chicken coop a d get a few chickens for eggs. What you are doing is awesome. Disabled people and all people alike should learn to raise chickens and take care of themselves as much as possible in these trying times. ❤❤❤

  6. I’ve turned into a crazy chicken and duck lady the past few years and love all the ideas for raising them that come from your magazine

    1. Thanks, Melinda, do you mind if we print your comment in the conversation section of our magazine?

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