Fall Poultry Giveaway – More Than $1,500 Worth of Prizes!

3 Weeks of Wonderful Poultry Prizes for Your Flock

Week 1 – 9/7-9/13

PDZ Coop Refresher – 10lb bag of Coop Refresher
Brinsea – Coop Door Opener
Murray McMurray Hatchery – $100 Gift Certificate
Kalmbach Feeds – 1 bag and 1 block Henhouse Reserve

Week 2 – 9/14 – 9/20

Nite Guard Solar – 4 Nite Guard Lights
Animal Health Solutions – 5lbs of Hen Boost
Mt. Healthy Hatchery – $100 Gift Certificate
Happy Hen Treats – 1 bag Layer Feed (made with worm protein), 1 Double Frenzy (50/50 mealworms and grubs), Happy Hen branded bucket to store it all in

Grand Prize Week – 9/21-9/27

Yardbird – Chicken Plucker
ADM Nutrition – Prize Pack
Cackle Hatchery – $100 Gift Certificate
Metzer – $100 Gift Certificate
Backyard Boost – Prize Pack
PDZ – 1 Bag of Coop Refresher


24 thoughts on “Fall Poultry Giveaway – More Than $1,500 Worth of Prizes!”
  1. Amazing giveaways…..
    I take in unwanted animals of all sorts and just aquired over 20 unwanted chickens, ducks, and turkeys to add to my already flock. These items would be a blessing.
    Keep up the amazing info for us all.
    Thank you

    1. When taking or bringing in animals from another location, best to keep new critters quarantined to prevent possible disease transmission.. I learned this the hard way & not easy to eradicate some bugs or germs.
      Wishing you the best

  2. My nearly 100 chickens, ducks and guineas would love all the prizes, except the plucker. I’d give it away since I don’t eat what I raise, they’re like my kids.

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