Score up to $2200 in Prizes During the Spring Poultry Sweepstakes!

Week 1: April 2-8 (Value $306)

Happy Hen: Cricket Craze & Herb Pecks – Value $15.98

Brinsea: Brooder – Value $80

Chubby Mealworms: 4 lbs. of Poultry Paradise – Value $25

Rainbow Mealworms: Chicken Sampler Pack – Value $35

Metzer: Gift card – Value $100

Sweet PDZ: Coop Refresher – 40 lbs. – Value $50

Week 2: April 9-15 (Value $377)

Happy Hen: Nesting herbs – Value $19.99

Nite Guard: 4 Nite Guard Solar lights – Value $100

Sweeter Heater: 11×11 Heater – Value $107

Chubby Mealworms: 4 lbs. of Poultry Paradise – Value $25

Rainbow Mealworms: Chicken Sampler Pack – Value $35

Royal Rooster: Waterer and Feeder – Value $99

Week 3: April 16-22 (Value $402)

Happy Hen: Fresh Frenzy & 10 oz. Mealworm Frenzy – Value $26.98

Farmstead: “Flex” Feeder Combo – Value $24.95

Chubby Mealworms: 4 lbs. of Poultry Paradise – Value $25

Rainbow Mealworms: Chicken Sampler Pack – Value $35

Hen Saddle: Gift card – Value $15

Henny & Roo: Gift Box – Value $40

The Egg Carton Store: 125 Egg Cartons (Winner’s Choice) – Value $125

Cackle Hatchery: Peck & Play Pen – Value $75

Grand Prize Week: April 23-29 (Value $1113)

Happy Hen: Cricket Craze & Herb Pecks – Value $15.98

Rooster Booster: Gift Certificate – Value $50

Sweeter Heater: 11×16 – Value $116

Rainbow Mealworms: Chicken Sampler Pack – Value $35

Lansky Sharpeners: Deluxe 5-Stone System – Value $49.99

YardBird: Chicken Plucker & Restraining Cone – Value $547

Chubby Mealworms: 4 lbs. of Poultry Paradise – Value $25

Healthy Harvest: Gift Card – Value $50

Royal Rooster: Waterer and Feeder – Value $99

Stromberg’s: 15 Chicks & Brooder Starter Kit – Value $100

98 thoughts on “Score up to $2200 in Prizes During the Spring Poultry Sweepstakes!”
  1. I am also interested in a cabinet style incubator too. Maybe you have upgraded and have one that you want to sale ?

  2. All the items are awesome. My chicks would stay happy and the woman that fusses at me would be happy

  3. What a fantastic bunch of prizes! There are several items that I have never heard of that I will be checking out now.

  4. The prizes look amazing! My chickens, Ruben, Ginger, Pastey, Pepper, Peach, and Queeny would love the prizes too!

  5. Great prizes! I only have 2 hens left and these products could help me to expand my flock. Thanks for the chance.

  6. WOW! What a quality lineup of products! My current girls will be totally spoiled while waiting for my new chicks to arrive! 😉

  7. I would be grateful to win any of the prizes. Any little bit of help with raising backyard poultry is always appreciated.

    Ooooh ooooh ooooh, pick me, pick me!

  8. This is very egg-citing!! We have a small flock in the back yard that are members of our family. They were hatched in a first grade classroom and we adopted them

    1. We just added nine more chickens, 22 now, and three more ducks, 7 total, to our flock. What a fantastic contest!

  9. Love this weeks gifts. I especially like the waterer/feeder set and the solar lights. These would be extremely useful to me. Well, all would be where my chicken math stinks, I set out to strictly get 14 pullet chicks. That grew to 21 chicks 10 days ago and today I got 3 more for a total of 24 new chicks so it would be nice to win anything. Thanks for this weeks chance to win.

  10. I’m a new chicken Mama, Soo excited to get up to my rooster crowing this morning. I’ve always loved them and just love just watching them. Since I’m just starting out, I would love to win anything chicken related.

  11. I’m just starting out with my chickens. I don’t have much so winning any of the prizes would help me out so much.

  12. I’ve rescued 3 hens that we’re not cared for, no shelter or food. That was several months ago and they are now healthy, happy chickens. I didn’t know that chickens made such good pets.

  13. Woohoo. It finally gave me the option to enter. The first two weeks I thought it was leave a comment to be entered.

  14. What an excellent way to celebrate spring! We’re down on our luck right now, but that won’t stop me from hoping! Good luck to us all!

  15. My chocolate chip chicken nuggets (the 6 baby Marans hybrids I just got in a looks-like kids meal box) are cheeping with excitement at possibly winning!

  16. What an awesome group of prizes! These would come in so handy here as I would like to move from egg collecting to raising meat birds. I am also trying to breed my Marans and Cream Legbars. Who would have thought chickens would be so much fun? Going on 13 years now…

  17. This would be amazing! We just started our flock. We love watching the different personalities of our birds come out. ❤️❤️

  18. Wow! Great prizes, these prizes would help me out when my 82 baby chicks hatch out on the 29th of April . My other 12 hens and rooster would like them to .
    Since l,m disabled it would help me too. thanks James.

  19. Good morning .I have a question,am I the only one who plays the radio for my chicks and leave the light on? I started this when they were moved to larger area.Now if I turn them off they start chattering louder! Or if they see me .

  20. Winning these items would be absolutely amazing.. Justed hatched 8 new chicks and have purchased another 8 to add to my flock of 17

  21. This is a wonderful way to get people excited about chickens. Chickens are so good for this earth and your health!

  22. I’d be happy to win anything, says I have 0 extra chances. Oh well, still hope my girls and I win something for them

  23. Awsome prizes ! I never win anything, I enter tho. I only have 7 chicken’s & 1 rooster. But I also have 5 ducks. They are smaller. 2 of my ducks have a cotton ball on top of their heads. They are so cute. A mallard, & 2 black & yellow ducks. Nice to enter tho. Thanks for the opportunity though.

  24. Our whole family, including us, our adult & teen kids, grandkids, dogs, puppies, ducks & ducklings love having our chickens & chicks to enjoy! Great learning experience for all of us. Calming effect as we watch them frolic about! Life is indeed, better with chickens!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some chicken related goodies!

  25. I am lucky that my town allows chickens and we are going to start a FB group just for our town members. Your publication has helped me and I am spreading the knowledge. So much to learn for us city kids and you are a part of it.

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