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Flock Files are easy-to-digest, one-page documents that teach you what you need in a hurry.

These handy reference sheets are easy to download or print out. They make great teaching aids whether you want to educate yourself, your friends and family, or your egg and meat customers.

Balance Your Chicken’s Diet at All Ages
April 24, 2019 . · Flock Files

We know that laying hens need more calcium in their diet than chickens that are not laying eggs, but how much more? Chickens need different feed at various times in their lives and also according to gender, but what do you do when you have a mixed flock? How important is it that your chickens get the correct proportions of nutrients in their feed?

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Virulent Newcastle Disease
April 24, 2019 . · Flock Files

Virulent, formerly called Exotic, Newcastle disease is a constantly evolving RNA virus. Anything that comes in contact with a sick bird can pass it on, and the virus can live as long as 120 days outside a host. People do not get sick from eating poultry products infected with vND, but working directly with birds can cause mild conjunctivitis. Controlling vND involves recognizing symptoms and practicing strict biosecurity.

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